High Risk Motorcycle Insurance was created by riders, for riders. Too many motorcyclists are thwarted from riding by the exorbitant cost of insurance. If you have a record of speeding or other traffic offense, you will be seen as a high risk applicant for insurance. Additionally, age and gender factors are significant, and certain bikes are classified as high risk machines. Put two of these risk together, such as an 18 year old male on a 1000cc sport bike, and the motorcycle insurance rates could be as high as 50% of the purchase price of the bike.

At HighRiskMotorcycleInsurance.com, we think that all riders should opt for bikes which are commensurate with their skill level. Too many underskilled riders have been hurt, or worse, on 100+ horsepower bikes. That said, no one should be prevented from riding a motorcycle because the cost of insurance is too high. We can make sure you get the cheapest motorcycle insurance rates possible.

How Our System Works

We have partnered with most of the leading motorcycle insurers who offer insurance in high risk situations. All you have to do is submit your zip code to get started. Our software technology will match you to motorcycle insurance companies in your area, and you will be able to request quotes from this list of competing insurers in real time.

Contacting Us

We try to respond to inquiries the same day they are submitted. Go here to contact us.