Making the Road Yours

Go biking with the guys to the canyons and visit to find great pet care for your cat and dog.
Browse through pet sitter profiles in to find the right candidate. Whether you need the pet sitter immediately, next week or in a couple months, you’ll find one. Now ride in full comfort and get the right bike with the perfect engine and great dimensions.

2017 Honda Rebel 300/500
Make the road yours, ride comfortably and at ease in a Honda Rebel 500. A motorcycle with phenomenal performance, minimalist looks and a guaranteed fun ride. An all black bike to get noticed from far away. Look cool and feel great in Honda Rebel’s very compact frame and low slung seat. Get in, lean over and ride with confidence. Honda Rebel gives you the perfect lean angle and a sporty 471cc parallel-twin engine. Pick one of the six speed levels to ride faster. Feel like you’re part of a canvas painting while you make your way to the top of the canyons in your black-out Honda Rebel bike. Day or night, you’ll appreciate all its features and get compliments on it. Don’t forget to get insurance in case something happens to this baby.

Find affordable pet care close to you at, get in contact with pet sitters and ask them questions directly. You can also check candidate references. Leave your cat and dog in good hands and prepare for your next adventure in your Yamaha SCR 950.

2017 Yamaha SCR 950
Go retro style meets modern engineering. Feel like it’s the 70’s again: vintage lace wheels, and old school number plates. Get out and ride through White Rim Trail, Canyonlands National Park, UT. A Bolt-based 942cc air-cooled twin engine makes it ideal to ride in unpaved and dirt roads. Feel comfortable, Yamaha’s taller suspension and handlebars help you find the best riding position. Cruise smoothly, change lanes and enjoy the ride. Get a full coverage insurance for your bike to keep exploring White Rim Trail.

Visit and prepare your chosen pet sitter for your pets. Follow a checklist to make sure pet sitters takes good care of your pets while you are out riding your new Suzuki Vanvan 200.

2017 Suzuki Vanvan 200
Get fun and funky, explore the world, and ride this classic retro bike to Upper Mojave. A lightweight motorcycle with a very spacious low seat and high handlebars for an easy ride. Fat tires provide great traction and perfect for uneven and bumpy and dirt roads. Push start, swing a leg over and ride your way. No matter where you go, your Suzuki Vanvan’s looks will get others attention. Enjoy your fun ride in the Upper Mojave and now get back to the city for your pets. Make sure you checkout bike insurance options before committing to one.
Drive like a rebel, get a great bike insurance and leave your pets in good hands with a pet sitter from